I know that life is not always easy and sometimes it is hard to get past whatever obstacle is in your way. At VanLieshout Counselling I offer you space to explore what is set on your path, encourage you to find your own answers and a deeper understanding of yourself.

The counselling approach I use is a combination of different talking therapies; my core model is Gestalt Counselling - a holistic approach integrating mind, body, soul and environment. You, as a whole person, connected within your world. You becoming aware of who you are and within that awareness, taking responsibility for where you might want to go. During our sessions, I will probably invite you to participate in Creative Therapy - don't worry if you can't draw or don't feel creative! It could be as simple as looking at the language you use or the dreams you might have. 

From Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, we might work on discovering your values, on what you want out of life. We would be working towards accepting what is going on for you and setting sometimes challenging, although always achievable goals. I also might use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques - changing your thinking can change your behaviour and vice versa. Your therapy will always be based on a Person-Centred approach; you decide what you want to talk about, what you would like to work on.

As I am from Dutch / Indonesian descent (I moved to the UK in 2002), you can look forward to cultural (differences) understanding and curiosity. I am  straightforward, interactive and do give homework..  When working with me you can expect care, honesty, and respect - without judgement - regardless of the issue you might be struggling with. 

If you are suffering from low mood, depression, anxiety, stress... If you have had a bereavement, no matter when this took place... If you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness or a 'disorder'... If you want to sort out family or relationship issues... Even if you don't know exactly what is bothering you... and you would like to talk to someone - please contact me.