Creative Arts Therapy

Solution Focussed

This is an one-off session, whereby we tackle a single issue you have chosen to address. After initial introduction of art materials, we investigate the issue you want to work on. Once you have a clearer picture, you are invited to use the art materials to express your feelings regarding this. Afterwards you are invited to talk about your art work, the process and possible solutions. Session duration is up to 75 minutes. Cost £85 per session, including materials and art work to be taken home.


These are three art therapy sessions, which are linked with each other. Best suitable for people who have been in therapy for a while. In each session you are invited to make use of the art materials; first session to depict the past, second session the present and third session the future. This is to enable you to leave the past processed in the past, to live your life in the here-and-now and rejoice in your accomplishments, and to gaze into a possible future whereby you can set new living directions and goals. Session duration is up to 75 minutes each. Cost £85 per session, including materials and art work to be taken home.


Retirement Prep for Couples

This is a workshop for couples whereby one of you is about to retire. During the workshop we will looking at your relationship, current routines and communication styles. We will be discussing your hopes, dreams and expectations for the future and looking at how you can make this work for the two of you.

This workshop is four hours long and could be organised on two different dates or one Saturday. Minimum number of participants is two couples, maximum six couples. Cost £275 per couple.


Creative Self Development

These are workshops for individuals who are wanting to get more insight in themselves and could be best described as 'guided self-help' with the possibility to talk to a counsellor one-on-one if wanted.

Inside Out – mask making / decorating. Who are you on the inside and what do others see?

Heroes – Create a story and have a conversation with one of your heroes

Treasure Chest – Who or what do you treasure and once obtained, how do you look after it?

These workshops are two hours long. Minimum number of participants is four, maximum is ten people. Cost £60 per person including materials, coffee & tea.